All about me

Hi! I’m Lucie Luella I started out as a Loreal trained colourist and stylist in my hometown of Leeds, i never really felt like I quite fitted in with Industry salons.

I moved to London to find my tribe, along the way I built up a successful brand and clientele still loyal to this day. I still pop down every month and make an appearance at Hulla nails to give my clients their ilovelucie hair fix.
Eager to move back up north and have a space of my own I opened I Love Lucie Hair Salon with a tongue in cheek nod to the popular 1950s Sitcom.

My clientele is growing by the day the salon has gone from strength to strength and with now joining the me in her first year of hairdressing we can only see more colourful do’s in the future.


All about Jess

Jess came to me as a client, she had this really cool authentic style and wanted a midi hair cut as her sets were not cooperating anymore.

Within two appointments Jess had quit her job and took the plunge to start a new career at the age of 27.

Jess is now a qualified level 2 Hairdresser and is already building a name for herself at I Love Lucie.

What is your Favourite era?

“That is difficult for me as i like anything from 40s-70s i feel like I’ve experimented with every era but the classic style of the 50s is so beautiful and flattering i seem to have settled with this style.”

How did you get into different era’s and style?

“Ive always listened to music from before my time. This always influenced my style i felt like each song/album i discovered a new sense of style and a new to me sub culture.”

Q: Who are your inspirations?

“It started with the obvious Diana Dors and priscilla and all the hollywood starlets and women in music but now i feel like everyday women inspire me following women online. My clients i meet everyday”

Q: What is your go to hairstyle?

“I wash and set my hair once a week but living in Rain City you can’t guarantee your efforts won’t be wasted so my absolute fool proof updo is the Poodle with some colour matched flowers to my outfit
( Jess is also going to either film or take a mini tutorial by pictures of how she does her poodle)”

Favourite Red Lipstick

“Revlon Red”