Book a Creative Colour Consultation

Book a Creative Colour Consultation

creative colour vintage hairdresser I love Lucie stockport manchester

We require a colour consultation appointment for all new clients looking for colour appointments. During this session we will discuss your hair history, how you want your colour to look and possibilities. These appointments will be short and sweet!

creative colour vintage hairdresser I love Lucie stockport manchester

All creative colours are a process of removing your current colour and replacing it with vibrant shades which take a lot of upkeep and the correct home care in order to maintain the vibrancy and health of your hair.

All hair colour is dependent on the history of your hair. Each individual’s hair history determines how possible and how long it will take to achieve your desired colour. There’s isn’t a one size fits all with colour.

An in-depth Colour Consultation plus allergy test is required with all new clients. This way I can accurately access your hair’s needs, history and discuss with you your colour journey. A 5-10 min consultation is free of charge.

Please note I do not take on new colour clients without a Consultation and allergy test.

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If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason please email at your earliest convenience.